Wall stickers that relate to the nature, culture and history of Iceland

Wall Stickers - Fortunate Isle


A collection of decorative wall stickers by Icelandic design company VEGG.


Product QUALITY AND DURABILITY are a priority for VEGG and therefore high quality material is used for the production. The wall stickers are made from a strong polymer film that adheres firmly to the wall and has no tendency to peel off as inferior films may do.


An INFORMATIVE AND INTERESTING text regarding the illustrative material is included with each product, in both Icelandic and English.

Wall Sticker-Runes Egill Skallagrimsson
Egill’s Saga is one of the best known Icelandic sagas and tells the story...

The product is SECURELY PACKED to ensure that quality is maintained during transportation. The larger stickers are packed in strong cardboard tubes and the smaller ones in strengthened envelopes.

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