Shipping services

Arctic selection generally offers two shipping services, standard and express, but for some countries, mainly in the East we only offer the express shipping service. The available services for each destination country are shown as options on the checkout page once the shipping address has been entered.

Standard shipping

Our standard shipping services use the general mail service from Iceland and in the relevant country e.g. USPS in the US and Royal Mail in the UK. The shipments are shipped by air from Iceland to the country but generally by ground from there.

Delivery by using the standard shipping service depends on destination country but is usually between 8 and 14 days and tracking is not provided.

Express air – Fedex

For express air shipments we use Fedex express services. Delivery times are 3 to 4 days and shipment tracking is provided through the Fedex website.

Fedex logo

Free shipping

We frequently offer free shipping on selected items. Free shipping always uses the standard shipping service.


Items that are offered with free shipping are marked with this logo.

Countries we ship to:

Arctic selection's offers shipping options for the following countries but for shipping to other countries please contact us directly at Arcticselection

Americas Europe - W Europe - E Australias East
United States Andorra Croatia Australia Bahrain
Canada Austria Cyprus New Zealand Egypt
Puerto Rico Belgium Czech Republic   India
Mexico Denmark Georgia   Israel
  Faroe Islands Greece   Oman
  Finland Greenland   Pakistan
  France Hungary   Qatar
  Germany Poland   Saudi Arabia
  Gibraltar Portugal    
  Ireland Slovakia    
  Italy Slovenia    
  United Kingdom      
  Vatican City State      

We accept :