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Wall Sticker - Northern Lights
The magnificent Northern Lights,aurora borealis -Norðurljós
Wall Sticker - Words by Davíð Stefánsson
They know best, what winter is, who most love the spring.
Wall Sticker- Poem by Einar Benediktsson
A smile can bring forth brightness out of darkness.
Wall Sticker - Dandelion Seed Head
Dandelions spread like a blanket over the Icelandic fields. Biðukolla
Wall Sticker - Apologies for the Break
It's a weekend and the year is 1996 - Afsakið hlé -
Wall Sticker - White tailed Eagle
The largest and also the rarest of predatory birds in Iceland. - Haförn -
Wall Sticker - Helm of Awe
An ancient Viking symbol of protection - Ægishjálmur -
Wall Sticker - Stockfish
An ancient Icelandic way of perserving fish - Skreið -
Wall Sticker- Futhark
Runes- the written alphabet of the Norse people -Fúþark
Wall Sticker-Runes Egill Skallagrimsson
Egill’s Saga is one of the best known Icelandic sagas and tells the story...
Wall Sticker - Knight Rose
Old Icelandic cross-stitch pattern Riddararós
Wall Sticker- Old Reykjavík
A set of six photos of 18.century Reykjavík. - Gamla Reykjavík

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