The adventures of Thor the Mighty

The adventures of Thor the Mighty
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This tale is taken from the old Edda, a collection of stories from the Pantheon of the Viking Gods. It was written almost 800 years ago by one of the world's best storytellers, Snorri Sturluson. Numerous stories have been told about Thor the Mighty, the God of Thunder. His trials were many and he always came out victorious- except for once! That is when he visited the mischievous king of the giants Utgarda-Loki. The king was also a magician and tricked Thor into contests that he could not possibly win. This is one of the most famous stories from the treasures of Viking Legends, full of humour and surprises. A great read for children as well as grown-ups. Illustrated by Gunnar Karlsson Format: 25cm x 18 cm, Pages: 32, Hardback, 15 color illustrations,Language: English, Publication date: Autumn 2006

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