Rikka and her magic ring in Iceland

Rikka and her magic ring in Iceland
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Rikka's ring is not only beautiful, it's also a magic ring.  It is charged with mystic power from the planet Uni.  The stone sometimes changes color, turning purple when it wants to go traveling. The book takes the reader through all that makes Iceland a wonderful place for children to visit and if it creates a desire for them to visit the country in the future, it has fulfilled its purpose and made them more aware of the different cultures and customs that makes the world such an exciting place. Rikka and her magic ring in Iceland educates children about the culture of understanding and advocates environmental awareness by showing them that the world is a wonderful and magical place that needs to be secured by each individual.  It takes Rikka and her friends to visit the most incredible places in Iceland. Author:Hendrikka Waage Awailable in English or Icelandic

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